Job Pool

Job posting is FREE OF CHARGE for WHA customers.

WHA Job Boards

Recruiting workers in and around the Eastern Seaboard has never been easier!

There are WHA Job Board Center at WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate, and boards at ESIE Plaza I and ESIE Plaza II at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) for job advertisements. Job posting is FREE OF CHARGE for WHA customers.

The Job Board Center and Value Added Center at ESIE Plaza I also serve as the job application dropping points for people looking for jobs. Companies within WHA's Industrial Estates are entitled to select applications from the database.

WHA Job Board is the latest service on top of current job ad posting on WHA's website. The latter has link to Vocational Education Commission's website where vocational/ technical graduates nationwide visit for checking job announcements.

Please send your job announcement in format of Microsoft office file (word, excel, powerpoint) toสำหรับฝากประกาศรับสมัครงานเท่านั้น)