Most of water supply at WHA’s Industrial Estates is provided through WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP), Thailand’s largest private provider of industrial water production and distribution, including raw water, process water and clarified water, at the capacity of 281,000 cubic meters per day.

WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited has continuously expanded its industrial water production capacity and improved its wastewater treatment capability to serve its growing number of industrial customers in WHA’s industrial estates. The Company is committed to continue developing its capacity in parallel with WHA Industrial Development’s investments, both locally and international.

For more information on water, please visit http://www.wha-up.com

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment at all WHA Industrial Estates are handled by WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP) to ensure that the used water is treated in accordance with applicable standards imposed by the Ministry of Industry before being discharged into the center wastewater treatment of each industrial estate. Those treated wastewater can be discharged into natural sources of water or be recycled into the production process. The total wastewater treatment combined from all locations is about 117,000 cubic meters per day

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At WHA Industrial estates manufacturer can ensure of the stable power supply. The investment through WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP) in 13 SPP and IPP power plants in and around our industrial estates bring great confidence of continuous power supply in the area.



Ultra High Speed Telecommunications Network: Constructed and managed by CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, the telecommunications infrastructure uses the Fiber To The Factory (FTTF) platform. WHA is the first industrial estate developer in Thailand to provide FTTF service in industrial estates.

Road / Access


The road system of WHA 12+ Industrial Estates mostly constructed 4 lanes of main road and 2 lanes of primary road with 25 – 45 meters width reinforced concrete and asphaltic concrete.

Gas Pipeline Distribution


WHA Utilities and Power PLC. (WHAUP), in cooperation with Gulf Energy Development Co., Ltd., has established Gulf WHA MT Natural Gas Distribution Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratios of 51% and 49% respectively. This new venture will first invest in the construction of pipeline network which distributes natural gas to industrial users in WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 (WHA ESIE 2), and subsequently to WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4 (WHA ESIE 4), and eventually 4 other WHA industrial estates in Rayong, Chonburi and Saraburi in the future.

Gas Pipeline Services


WHA Eastern Pipeline Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WHA Land And Development Plc., provides pipe rack rental to support interconnected chemical feedstock, industrial gas, steam and other needs. Glow SPP1, a 125 MW cogeneration power plant at WHA EIE, supplies electricity and steam to industrial customers. PTT Utility, which has a capacity of 220 MW, also provides electricity and steam.

Solar Rooftop


Solar Rooftop supply is provided through WHA Utilities and Power PLC. (WHAUP). WHAUP has installed and operated solar power system on rooftops of WHA Group’s warehouses and factories, and has been gearing forward on this environmentally friendly platform to all industrial customers. With our extensive experience, WHAUP offers an all-in service package, with ZERO investment and maintenance cost, allowing customers to enjoy lower electricity cost while also helping to reduce world’s CO2 level.

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