Company Strategy

The WHA strategy is to create long-term shareholder value in a controlled way achieved through focused appropriate strategic, business, financial and governance disciplines. This long-term value can be realized by demonstrating and communicating respect for our customers, employees, and stakeholders while behaving in a manner that is communally, ethically, and environmentally responsible.


Developing industrial estate, utility, power, and property solutions that have predictable growing revenue and superior profit opportunities in order to optimize shareholder value.


Leveraging complementary management expertise, customer relationship, infrastructure and environmental competence to expand opportunities in industrial estates, utilities, power, and property.


Utilizing sound company human and financial resources selectively for competing investment opportunities.


Contributing positively to neighbors, society and to our stakeholders with sustainable programs in education, community and the environment.

Our Business

Industrial Estates

WHA Industrial Estates
  • 13 Locations, 71,800 rais (28,360 acres; 11,500 Ha)​
  • 964​ Distinct Customers, 1,525 Total Land or Factory Contracts


WHA Property
  • Ready Built Factories for Rent
  • WHA Logistics Parks and Warehouses for Rent
  • WHA Property Fund