Vision & Mission

WHA's Vision


To be Asia’s leading developer of properties and industrial estates, utilities and power
delivering world class standard solutions to our customers with unyielding responsibility for environment and communities.

WHA's Mission


To Our Customers

  • Providing uncompromised quality industrial and property cluster solutions to our value customers
  • Developing world class utilities and power solutions fitting customer's needs
  • To vertically integrate solutions in utilities and power businesses and expand market segment in Thailand and Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia (“CLMVI”)

To Our Partners and Investors

  • To be the partner of choice to our business alliances
  • To deliver optimal Long Term value to our investors

To Society and Communities

  • To be responsible to the society, environment and communities we live in
  • To add value to communities and the environment with good corporate governance and sustainable development strategies

To Employees

  • To be the employer of choice of our employees
  • To continuously develop Human Resources competencies and to nurture an innovative culture in the organization