Other Services

Emergency Response

Firefighting teams are available around the clock at six industrial estates and industrial zones, with police or security offices provided for emergencies.


Medical Care is Available

Medical Care is available at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) through the well-known Samitivej Sri Racha Hospital.

WHA Value Added Services Center (VAS)

WHA Value Added Services Center (VAS) offers myriad value-added services, including pre- to post-business operation set up and preparation. Other services available from VAS include information source and coordination in building construction, office interiors, IT, telecommunication systems, transportation solutions, industrial housekeeping, gardening, cleaning services, health care and executive accommodations, etc.

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Business and Training Center

Multiple conference rooms and training venues are provided at all six WHA industrial estates and industrial zones. Facilities include private offices and meeting rooms, projection equipment, computer-based training systems, multiple training venues, and video-conferencing.

Meeting Rooms


Siam Food Executive Conference Room

A big conference of 144 sq.m. for 40 to 70 persons, standard equipment provided.


Siam Food Business Conference Room

A VDO Conference Service. POLYCOM VDO Conference


WHA A Conference Room

80 sq.m. accommodate up to 40 people, standard equipment provided.

WHA B & C Computer Room

40 sq.m. computer room, with capacity of 15 persons.

Standard equipment provided in room service include

  • * TV/VCR * Whiteboard/Screen
  • * Flipchart * Overhead
  • * Sound System * Microphone

WHA Industrial Skills Training Center

In Cooperation with the Vocational Education Commission and Skills Development, WHA Industrial Skills Training Center provides basic and intermediate technical skills to our customer's workforces and the public.

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Convenient plazas in the industrial estates include banks, multiple convenience shops and restaurants, and several venues providing office rentals, legal, accounting and supporting services.


WHA Connect

Point-to-Point Fiber Network Seamlessly Connects Multiple Factories through our Cutting-edge Networking Solution

Introducing WHA Connect, the premier FTTX provider exclusively serving WHA Industrial Estates. Underground fiber optical cables are deployed at all WHA Industrial Estates to enhance reliability and to ensure your data network remains secure and uninterrupted by external factors

Internet Connectivity

We understand that data connectivity is the key operational and communication elements of all modern business. In order to provide a smooth and secured data network, WHA Connect offers Fiber Optic Network Architect to Internet Service Providers (ISP) who are providing internet service to our customer. Find out more of the list of active Internet Providers at WHA Industrial Estates by contacting our Value Added Service Team (VAS).

P2P Connection

P2P FTTX or Point-to-Point Fiber Optic Connection architecture is a convenient data connectivity which WHA Connect offers to our customer who wish the link two or more offices through the cutting-edge networking solution. P2P FTTX by WHA Connect can help delivering symmetrical speeds for seamless uploads and downloads from one office to another, within the same or adjacent Industrial Estate, directly through our underground fiber optic network, no internet is required.

Experience the future of connectivity at WHA Industrial Estate with our state-of-the-art FTTX service. Contact WHA Connect today to learn more and join the FTTX revolution at WHA Industrial Estate!