Waste Management Collaboration Project : Hamper and Laptop Case

WHA incorporates with PTT Global Chemical (GC) to collect used PET bottles from school under ThinkCycle Bank Project and collect water hyacinth from wastewater treatment system; polishing pond of ESIE, WHA ESIE1 and WHA ESIE2 forming to yarn and produce hampers and laptop cases. In 2021, the project collected 8,850 used PET bottles and approximately 4.0 tons of water hyacinth to produce 300 hampers and 200 laptop cases. The products are sold at 600 THB each. From this project, WHA is responsible for the processing of water hyacinth dippers into dry scraped fibres for using as raw materials to produce yarns containing fiber from plastic bottles, fiber from water hyacinth and cotton to produce fabrics that contain ingredients from such raw materials. WHA can reduce the cost of water hyacinth management by generating such an income with the community to sell the dried water hyacinth fibers for approximately 40,000 baht. Moreover, the rest of the water hyacinth in the WHA's pond, WHA can use it to produce soil fertilizer using in the Group's industrial estates.