WHA Smart Traffic Application

Introducing the WHA Smart Traffic Application, designed to assist you with instant traffic updates within and around WHA Industrial Estates. This feature facilitates optimized logistics and transportation planning.

The WHA Smart Traffic Application represents the latest solution initiative by WHA Group. Its primary objective is to assist our customers located within our expansive Industrial Estates. The application's purpose is to enable customers to efficiently strategize their logistics routes and travel schedules. By offering up-to-the-minute information, this innovative tool presents real-time traffic information for more efficient routes, thereby aiding in the reduction of transportation expenses. Furthermore, it is also an aspiration to promote energy efficiency and reduce wasteful energy consumption in inefficient traffic conditions. This is WHA Group’s policy to help reducing the carbon footprint in order to solve the climate problem.

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) were installed around WHA Industrial Estates using surveillance technologies reporting real-time data to our Unified Operation Center or UOC. Our Safety team standby 24 hours everyday to management and control traffic, especially peak-hour.


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