Our Campaigns

Governance & Economic

WHA ID, a company under WHA Group, commits to be a successful and efficient business by aligning its good corporate governance management approach with the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission’s national guidelines as well as international approaches such as the United Nations Global Compact.

Year :
WHA ID foresees the potential derived value of 5G, the 5th generation technology standard, for cellular networks and its positive contributions, applications, and benefits for its valued industrial customers.
In addition, TusPark WHA’s facilities, of more than 400 sq.m, can accommodate exhibitions, seminars, town hall, product launching, and business matching events.
WHA ID and Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG) established a joint-venture company called BIG WHA Industrial Gas Company Limited (BIGWHA) since 2020.
WHA Group implemented the Unified Operation Center (UOC) which projects real-time monitoring results of all relevant environmental parameters such as air quality, rainfall volume and wastewater quality, and etc.
Creating customer satisfaction in WHA Group is a critical factor in WHA’s business profits, especially during periods when changes in customer behavior and preferences effect increasing of challenges in retaining key customers or finding new.
Supporting Community Enterprise
WHA joins the Supporting Community Enterprise in Map Ta Phut and Bann Chang Municipality Project, which aims to promote cooperation between IEAT, industrial estate developers and manufacturers under corporate social responsibility programs for the communities. Other activities include medical visits, practical know-how sharing to the locals, participating community activities, etc.
WHA Pan Gan
WHA Pan Gan, WHA GROUP’s Corporate Social Responsibilities initiative, is an online marketplace to help promote unique, locally-made products from community artisans and entrepreneurs around WHA Industrial Estates. Aiming to preserve local handicraft and specialty food products from the community.
WHA provides fully paid four-year Scholarships and expense stipends to local secondary school graduates, allowing them the opportunity to study at universities and vocational colleges.
Art Camp
WHA understands the importance of art in brain and emotional development, and the lack of art teachers in the area. As a result, we organize an Art Camp at Hometown for primary schools in the Eastern Seaboard. Apart from practical and joyful art basics, Rayong history is also included in the program to cultivate love and pride in pupil’s hometown.