Our Customers

We are humbled to win the site selection by over 924 multi-international investors in our target industries including 287 automotive customers with 473 automotive contracts, chemical, steel, building materials, electronics, and consumer products. The total customer investment estimate of USD 43 billion.

WHA Eastern Seaboard NGD4 Co., Ltd.
CoorsTek Advanced Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chance Technology Co., Ltd.
Essilorluxottica (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Exquisite Automotive Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
BWF (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chung Tai Rubber Goods MFG. Co., Ltd.
Domma International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
EssilorLuxottica (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Goldensea Sanki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Huafeng Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
ASUB Co., Ltd.
Cardinal Health 222 (Thailand) Ltd.
HSF Films (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Weisheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.
Changan Auto Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.
Fengtian Electronic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
JC Media Co., Ltd.
Maojun Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd.
Petgery Cardboard Co., Ltd.
Xingxing Refrigeration (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Faurecia Automotive Parts (Thailand) Co., ltd.