Our Customers

We are humbled to win the site selection by over 711 multi-international investors in our target industries including 241 automotive with 364 automotive contracts, chemical, steel, building materials, electronics, and consumer products. The total customer investment estimate of USD 30.5 billion.

Ahmad Ice-Tea Co.,Ltd
Asahi Diamond (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.
BHN (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Boncafe [Thailand] Ltd.
Bowin Clean Energy Limited
Castool 180 LTD
Coiltech Steel [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
Daifuku [Thailand] Ltd.
DHL Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
Duscholux [Siam] Ltd.
Ebro Vales [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
ESBEC Operated By Waste Management Siam Ltd.
Feltol Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Geologistics [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
GJ Steel Public Co., Ltd.
Glow IPP Co., Ltd. [Bowin Power Co., Ltd.]
Honeywell Electric Mateiral [Thailand]
In-Season Foods Ltd.
JJ-Muntons (Thailand) Ltd.
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Ltd.
Kintetsu Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kitagawa [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
Konitz Asia Ltd.
Kuriyama (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kyoden ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Laem Chabang Tank Services Co., Ltd.
Lungka Products Asia Co., ltd.
Matsuda Sangyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mega Source (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mozu Metal Works Co., Ltd.
Nakagawa Special Steel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Namoya Shinpo Nation Group Co.,  Lltd.
 Stream Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 Nikkei MC Aluminum (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
NTS Steel Plc.
Ohtsuka Sangyo Material (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.O. Tank Cleaning Terminal Co., Ltd.
Sakura Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sang Charoen Eastern Galvanize
Sangbo Electronics Co., Ltd.
SC Waldo Co., Ltd.
Schutten Solar (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
SET (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shinsei Koki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shoki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.S Enterprise - Portal Co.,Ltd.
Tayih Lun An (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Technoplast (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Escorp Ltd.
Thai Instant Products
Thai Steel Bar Precision Co., Ltd.
The Stallions Co., Ltd
Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co., Ltd