Customer Showcase: DSI YEA Laser Service Center


DSI is short for Dental-Schmuck-Industry in German (Dental, Jewelry, Industry) and is the trademark brand for DSI licensed companies around the world, which specializes in laser welding repairs for the molds and dies industry. DSI Laser Service was established in 1997 by Mr. Christian Frank in Maulbronn, Germany. Mr. Frank started off as a skillful dental technician but now possesses vast experience in the sector of mold and die repair and has shared his knowledge within the DSI Laser Group. The largest facilities of DSI are located in Germany, Japan and Thailand where demand for its services is the highest.

At the moment, the DSI franchise has more than 50 laser machines present on four continents – North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. DSI is an outfit that is truly global in vision and mission and always stretching its business operations across numerous industrial sectors. According to Mr. Frank, both Thailand and Japan are the heart of Asia and therefore the focus of much the company’s recent investments and expansion. In fact, there was plenty of Thai-German-Japanese cooperation in the establishment of DSI’s joint venture with Yonezawa Engineering Asia in Thailand.

DSI YEA Laser Service Center, is the transnational partnership resulted in DSI gaining a foothold in Hemaraj’s Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong with a shop situated on the premises of YEA’s facility. However, it cannot be overlooked that the global presence of DSI permits the company to serve its array of customers – companies and individuals – wherever and whenever. DSI is a certified operation, which means that it meets the highest levels in standards, but its customer service touch puts the company above its competitors.

DSI Laser Service holds the highest level of expertise in the manual laser deposit welding of molds and dies for the manufacturing industry. In this field, DSI is regarded as a pioneer and continues to lead the industry with its just-in-time service and innovative problem solving techniques. DSI has a great reputation in the German automotive industry and provided first-class service to car manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Audi and Daimler. The development of supporting equipment to further enhance work efficiency along with improvement towards higher quality welding materials is continuously conducted at the DSI Laser facility in Germany. It is here that advanced laser welding techniques are taught, practiced and perfected to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness of its laser welding services.

DSI activity in Thailand began in 2003 through its involvement with the Thai-German Institute in Chonburi. Hi-tech instruction with regards to molding and welding took place at TGI, which is itself the product of cooperation between the governments of Thailand and Germany concerning the promotion of industry. The technology and knowledge transfer that occurred at TGI directly supported the development of the Thai economy. As such, over the past twenty years the Thai industrial arena has been experiencing real transformation and grown tremendously due to the impact of globalization and astute government policies.

Moreover, an interesting feature of the Thai-German Institute is its “incubator program” that assists small and medium-sized enterprises that are deemed essential for a modern Thai industry. DSI was able to settle down almost seamlessly in Thailand through its association with TGI and since 2003 DSI has been at the forefront in upgrading the Thai mold and die sector.

In a short period of time DSI has gained a vast amount of expertise in delivering innovative solutions to its customers with creative and often complex laser welding methods. DSI Thailand has a growing reputation within the Thai automotive sector for delivering excellent repair and maintenance services. It is continuously supporting its partners in minimizing repair complications while optimizing its clients' opportunities to grow and to develop.

Currently, mold and cast makers are the primary customers of DSI. Still, the company does work on engine parts as well as power stations and is routinely engaged in off-shore assignments. Nonetheless, DSI’s partnership with Yonezawa (which is part of the Honda family and constructs machines) has paid off huge dividends for Mr. Frank and DSI Thailand. The joint venture with Yonezawa Engineering Asia has permitted DSI to gain access to the Thai heavy industry market, establish itself in the booming Eastern Seaboard, and team up with an outfit that also is well-known for its unmatched quality and standards. Mr. Frank frequently refers to DSI Thailand as a carbon copy of DSI Germany – professionalism guaranteed.

Highly advanced skills training is conducted in Germany by Mr. Frank so as to ensure that DSI laser welders are qualified to conduct complex laser welding techniques. The hands-on instruction is supported further by a deep understanding of materials and welding analysis. This knowledge transfer is fundamental in determining effective laser welding parameters and procedures and is the key towards successfully performing laser welding repairs on various challenging materials and situations. Additionally, DSI has a continuous collective knowledge sharing network throughout various countries in the world where the company is located. Indeed, this network is in continuous contact and is able to collaborate to develop new and unique repair and welding methods.

DSI Laser Service has more than 15 years of experience in the specialty of laser welding. Furthermore, the company is a world leader for hand-held laser deposit welding and performed thousands of repair services for various different kinds of materials that range from gold, silver, and tool steel to copper, aluminum and alloys. DSI finds itself engaged in numerous industries such as the jewelry, dentistry, molds and dies and petro-chemicals that require the utilization of high quality precision tools and equipment.

Mr. Frank strongly believes that the DSI Advantage is the combination of experience, material selection, skills, knowledge and network that is found within the DSI Laser Group. Likewise, DSI Laser Service is dedicated to bringing creative solutions and producing excellent results for the company’s clients. DSI offers a combination of high technology and laser welding know how in order to meet the critical repair requirements of customers, whether they are a small outfit or a large multinational corporation. For Mr. Frank, first-rate workmanship, quick response and swift delivery are what DSI clients can expect from the DSI global team.

Remarks: The article was written for Hemaraj Newsletter April 2014 Vol. 30 No. 1.